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Residential Services

Residential Services

Residential services are client centered and directed. Each residential client receives safety planning, case management and individual and group support opportunities. We know victims often leave their abuser 7-9 times before leaving the last time. So each client, assisted by an advocate, designs a personalized case plan that will help them attain their goals. Most importantly, this case plan will enable them to access the resources they need to live independently from the abuser and from SpringHaven.

Other residential services available to clients are life skills training, financial literacy and domestic violence education.


We are always interested in recruiting new volunteers. We believe that volunteers are our partners in this important work. Therefore, anyone who wants to volunteer on any on-going basis must complete our training program and must have a clean criminal record. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age, unless they are part of an organized group, such as a church youth group, or scouts, etc. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at SpringHaven, please enter your email address below, or call the business office at (270) 765-4057 to request a volunteer packet.